Ogwuche Christian / Chief Geologist

Christian oversees the geological mapping, drill supervision, geophysical exploration and all Geological activities of the company. He has been with OCML almost from inception of the company and has been responsible ever since for most of the core geological activities of the mine. Highly knowledgeable about the Owukpa mines terrain (being a native of Owukpa), he has in conjunction with a team of dedicated professionals, worked with technical partners to plan and design the methodology of mining the site to international best practice standards. He is well versed in the techniques of mapping complex basement terrains, remote sensing, petrology and mineralogy.

Christian holds a B.SC (Hons) degree in Geology and Mining from the University of Jos and is well versed in the use of modern geology software for maximum efficiency. He is professionally affiliated to the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS) and the Society of Exploration Geologists (SEG) amongst others.